I’m a senior editor at Autostraddle, a forward-thinking, feminist online magazine for queer women that garners 3 million views and 700,000+ unique visitors a month. At Autostraddle, I foster women of color voices, help manage freelance writers, impact editorial direction and write about pop culture, politics and activism.

Here’s a sample of my work:

Longform Feature Journalism

How Queer and Trans Women Are Healing Each Other After Hurricane Harvey

Politics and Activism

Midterm Elections Kicked Off in Texas Yesterday; Here Are All the Queer Women Who Kicked Ass

Trump Says He Won’t Overturn LGBT Protections, But His Administration Will Still Discriminate Against Us

Young DREAMer Daniela Vargas Could Be Deported Today Without Even a Hearing

Anti-Trans Bathroom Bills Get A Makeover into “Privacy Acts,” Take Hold in These Six States

Aquí Estamos: Organizing the First QPOC Conference in the Rio Grande Valley

Pop Culture, Film, TV

Meet One Day at a Time’s Lesbian Writers, Becky Mann and Michelle Badillo

Netflix’s One Day at a Time Is the Revolutionary, Feminist Latinx Family Sitcom We Didn’t Know We Needed

Southwest of Salem: How Four Wrongfully Convicted Latina Lesbians Survived A Witch-Hunt

Latin Lovers and Spicy Bombshells: What The L Word Got Wrong About Latinas

Personal Essays

Taco Tuesday: Finding Home Again

La Virgen De Guadalupe: Brown Goddess in My Heart Forever

Idol Worship: Selena, Queen of Tejano Music